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Melanie Wimmer

change advisor & facilitator


I lead, accompany and co-create transformations on a professional & personal level,
with a global perspective.

My mission: Impact through true connection. 

My own transitions.

My focus.

My clients value my volition,
detail-orientation, and empathy, combined with “German elegancy”, being structured, well-prepared and committed. 
Change Management & Organisational Design
Project Management & Communication
Idea Management &
Personal Transition &
Motivational Psychology

I am the most passionate

in intercultural environments

and thrive with room for authenticity, curiosity, and contribution.

Work with me.

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Motivational Psychology:
the LUXXprofile.

The LUXXprofile measures 16 fundamental motives and demonstrates unique personality. 

Use cases


Life Balance

"Personality is always right." Understand your fundamental desires.

Personal Transition

Engage with your fundamental motives to develop your customised change strategy and reach your personal goals sustainably.



Find suitable professionals, lead employees to self-motivated performance and retain talent. 

Cater to the individual needs of your employees to increase motivation.

Professional Sports

Call on your/ your athletes' individual motives to reach peak performance.

Discover the beauty of personality with LUXXprofile in 4 steps:

  • Introductory call

  • Online questionnaire (20-30 min.)

  • Personal LUXXprofile (40+ pages)

  • Individual assessment session

“Melanie is a unique charismatic and trustful advisor combined with a brilliant skillset. With her deep experience in Change and Transformation Melanie guided various reputable clients to measurable success. In her role of a Project Manager Melanie proved outstanding qualities in being an emphatic leader and effectively moderating even difficult situations with heterogenous stakeholders. By applying her broad and deep methodological competences as well as her intercultural background Melanie is always appreciated as a leader and motivating team player at the same time. Any client will appreciate her entrepreneurial mindset and will be delighted of working together with Melanie."

Michael Erz,

Global Head Automotive & New Mobility,

Siemens Advanta


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